The Way – We understand what makes or breaks projects. Our principles are designed around simple processes, merged roles, and quality delivery. We optimise and simplify every step. Our working methods are organised in five spaces. It is cyclic, non-linear, interconnected, progressive, and based on the foundations of universal Indic value systems.

Purpose space


It is a space of intent. We engage with existing and new customers, giving them foundational ideas, and shaping new projects. We are constantly looking out for potential innovations where technology can help. In an engagement that is already on, it is the space before a new problem definition starts. The reason that keeps our journey interesting, as problem solvers. We seek. With great doubt, and great faith.

Problem space


Problem definition starts here. This is a space for discovering the footprints.We identify specific areas of business, and social challenges. This is a place where brainstorming happens, story cards are used, feature lists prepared. Stakeholders identified and commit budgets, go/no-go gates are defined. The dots are all over the place. Together we explore.


Now, we see the challenge more clearly, without bias. We are close to perceiving the problem neutrally. We use specific techniques to de-color perceptions, and look at the problem with more awareness. It is space for prioritising, comparing, reviews on big picture. Understanding the problem right is half the problem solved. We cross the first gate. Deliverables take shape.


All stakeholders have a clear understanding of the scope. The feature list is clear. The iteration plans are concrete. Technology strategy and the tools are finalised. Environments are ordered, getting ready. Teams in different locations now communicate well. The development process is tuned for the psyche and comfort of the team.

Solution space


This is a period of analysis and design. We look at alternate solutions. We do proof of concepts. Minimum viable products take shape here. We test alternatives. We start moving from abstraction, to concrete deliverable. This is a space where the customer validates their understanding of requirement, with the output we generate


It is the space of transformation of the problem to a solution. It is a period of many deployments, and active user group engagement. A time where customer sees a complete solution. Stakeholders provide active feedback. Roll-out, go-live, deployments are some words we use here. All the way, we anticipate changes, and accommodate them gracefully.


It is a period of moving out. The problem is transcended. We enable the customer to manage things independent of us. Training, hand holding, and handover happen during this period. All key learnings are documented, and shared. We review our work together with key stakeholders. We take and provide constructive feedback. We reflect on our relationship with the customer, and the positive difference we brought to the engagement.

Reflection space


It is a phenomenal exercise. Connecting all dots in the engagement. We have just moved out of day-to-day affairs. It is a state of perfect equilibrium between the dimensions of presence and absence. It is not easy to write. We will keep trying.

Back to Source

Returning to one’s root has taken much effort, Dwelling in my hut, I see nothing without, Rivers flow, flowers are red.

Service space

We enter the market place to solve problems for other customers. But with more awareness, and wisdom. We co-create, teach, share our knowledge, and work on projects that have a positive impact at an eco-system level. All our efforts and aspirations are to be in this space more often.