We are looking for senior architects with deep expertise in technology, architectural principles, and cloud solutions. We appreciate diversity, and original thinking. We celebrate, and seek the following qualities in our colleagues.

Ease with abstraction

We deal with new ideas, problems, and technology definition. The nature of our work puts us often in a zone of abstraction. The ideas are young, and the customers try to discover their needs. There is a constant movement from chaos to order, from abstraction to clarity, managing change gracefully. The ability to empathise with customer, thinking big , and the skill to achieve long term goals are important for the kind of work we do.

Strong ethical fibre

A strong ethical fibre is the core of our team. To us, high quality work is a reflection of work ethics. Team work, being nice to people, and caring for the customers are some basic traits we seek. Social responsibility, collaborative spirit, and sacrifice are fundamental to our culture.

Spontaneous value creation

The engagements are usually at a strategic level. That opens up a good possibility of long term value creation. Achieving high levels of customer satisfaction is a both a need, and a possibility. We share all our knowledge about these engagements freely. Sharing in open forums, blogs, tweets is not only encouraged, but strongly supported.

Quick learning

As changemakers, we have so much to do. To create a great impact, there is so much to learn. The myriad of problem spaces we get to know requires us to learn quickly, collaborate productively, and innovate smartly. We are often surprised at our learning through quality discussions on design, architecture and business. Everyday it helps us go back richer.

That said, there are no limits to what you can do at FiniteLoop. Please come have coffee with us.