Finiteloop Design Studio builds simple, sustainable design solutions that works best for our customers. Through human-centred design thinking we bring clarity to complexities in business. We are a cutting edge, multidisciplinary studio specializing in converting large ideas into scalable products and solutions.

Our principles are designed to optimize and simplify every step. The ability to empathize with our customers, to think big, and the ability to achieve long term goals is important for us. There is a constant movement from chaos to order, from abstraction to clarity, and we drive this change gracefully. We enter the market to solve design problems for our customers through detailed human centered design thinking. We co-create, teach, share our knowledge, and work on projects that have a high level, positive impact for our customers.

Our approach is to apply human centered design to the overall customer experience and address the problem statement with empathy and analysis. We apply Service design practices to analyze your entire service experience. We help build innovative products through our detailed Product Design processes that brings positive impact to our customers.

Our top - notch expertise in User Experience and User Interface has helped us build meaningful practices for our partners.In essence, we transform businesses through a complete user centric Experience Design platform we have developed through the years


We worked with one of the largest ship fleet management companies in the world to create a mobile app for seafarers. The team put together our varied experiences to design for an unfamiliar user group and work environment, requiring a deep immersive study into the world of shipping. The app is a major component of ongoing learning and completion of tasks assigned to the Seafarers.

Mobile app
Admin app
Admin app
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Service Design

We increased the functional impact of signages on a ship by redesigning posters with high visual quality & consistency. We have rethought narratives in hazardous maritime environments and helped people-friendly redesign signages that are centered around seafarers instead of regulations.

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 Gangway Desk 

A rugged interaction desk was built for use on ships under multiple weather conditions. We used rigorous user research, interaction study and creative industrial design process to keep the utility of the desk in mind along with the opportunity to create a favourable brand impression.


We studied one of the most respected FMCG companies in India to create a new product experience for our retail services client, Ivy Mobility. We understood the experience gaps across the sales organization and built solutions to unlock the productivity of the field sales teams across the country.

 Talking Street 

We created a passion-filled Service Experience that seamlessly merges online and offline - between delightful User eXperience on web+mobile and a memorable offline service experience through paid food walks, cooking classes etc. We merged User and market research, Digital + Physical experiences, and Community contributor experiences to form a holistic solution.

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