Human-centered signages

We have rethought narratives in hazardous maritime environments and helped people-friendly redesign signages that are centered around seafarers instead of regulations.

Gangway interaction desk

We designed a reception desk to be used on ships, rigs and factories which enables a safety culture, while creating a pleasant first interaction point for your brand..

AHOY! - Seafarer’s companion app

We have brought the shipping industry to the mobile age with AHOY. We designed and architected a mobile app with backend admin system, for low data usage, scalable architecture and human centered designs.

Super compute processing

We are creating technology solutions using the worlds largest super compute facilities to process peta byte scale scientific data using complex algorithms.

Social data infrastructure

We created the worlds first social data infrastructure. A framework for worlds non-profits to make meaningful connections among different datasets.

Retail mobility product line

We help architect and design a new productline which took an asia focused product company go global and acquire fortune 500 logos.